Lone Star Community College 'Stabbing Attack' Leaves 12 Hospitalized

Lone Star Community College outside of Houston was the scene of a horrific "stabbing" attack on Tuesday. At least fourteen people were injured and four were airlifted to the hospital in critical condition. Witnesses described the suspect as using a box-cutter; but that has not been confirmed. An unnamed suspect is in custody after being subdued by a student. Harris County Deputy Thomas Gilliland said the suspect, who has not been identified, was seen going "from building to building," as reported by USAToday. Some conflicting reporting is already happening with this story; as it is breaking. One report say that 15 people were injured and that a group of students subdued the attacker. Whoever subdued the attacker is a hero. It is unclear whether there were two suspects or one. One report said that a "student provided local reporters with a description of the suspect saying he has curly hair and carries a stuffed monkey around campus." Yep, a stuffed monkey. Hopefully, the victims of the Lone Star Community College stabbing will heal and the perpetrator(s) will be brought to justice. you nows youtube